Growth and Risks of Cloud Computing

Growth and Risks of Cloud Computing

Thinking about the process of migration and adaptation of corporate services to the cloud can be considered complex, especially when you do not have the necessary experience or specialized advice on the matter.

This lack of knowledge or specialized advice, can generate fear or displeasure leading to a solution on premises preference, postponing the idea of ​​migrating to the cloud.

When searching on internet about cloud migration process, we find ourselves with a sea of ​​concepts that can overwhelm the most avid IT administrator; Adaptive processing, elastic storage, VPCs, LRS blocks, data transfer calculations, non-relational databases, etc.

All of the above creates doubts such as: What do I really need? Which solutions are best suited to my needs?, Above all, How to know which cost benefit rate is better for my company, a cloud solution or a data center?

Cloud Computing and its Growth

Research such as the one carried out by Synergy Research, shows that in 2018 the ecosystem of cloud services had an approximate revenue of 250 trillion dollars with a growth of 32% compared to 2017, IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) represented 50% of the income.

Figure 1:Synergy Research Group (Cloud Market Growth & Segment Leaders 2018)

This shows that cloud services are not the future but the current reality, cloud services are available to all types of companies regardless of their size, offering flexibility and scalability, but does Cloud Computing services also meet your business security requirements?

Cloud Computing and Security

To choose the correct service (s) and the cloud provider for infrastructure, applications or any other type of service, it is recommended that the company make a detailed analysis before acquiring the service(s).

One of the factors that must be analyzed is that the potential provider meets the requirements of security, support, and analysis against any type of incident, with the IT security experience being a determining factor, especially when the current threats are dynamics in all kinds of environments.

Cloud solution providers deliver a base layer within the services offered, this can include basic access rules and firewalls, as well as register logs. However, the price of specialized solutions and their implementation and support can be high.

Also, for example for sensitive data of the company that are hosted in applications or similar on a database requires an additional layer of security beyond explicit rules of access to services.

It is recommended that in order to clear these doubts about how to migrate, protect and audit cloud solutions, companies with experience in IT security give you support, in order to offer an overview of the possible risks and how to mitigate them.

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