Cloud Computing, a Booming Technology.

Cloud Computing, a Booming Technology.

Cloud computing, a booming technology that has changed the way we work, presenting a new operating landscape, adaptable to the way we live and do things.

Clouds are nothing more than agglomerated sets of robust equipment used to store, process and present data.

Imagine your house full of computers that work together to deliver a specific operation, this house has dual electricity, air conditioning, and the best conditions to prevent these equipment from showing a failure.

In addition, you have another house, in another city with the same characteristics, and the information is replicated in both houses, so that if something happens in one of the two, you have the other house as a backup. Additionally, you can access to your houses from anywhere and at any time through the internet.

Clearly it is a very basic example, but it shows the functionality of the cloud, allowing you to access your information securely from different places, at any moment.

So, knowing that cloud computing is not something that is in the nebula, but simply are computers that are providing a service from different places I will explain the types of clouds:

Private Clouds:

Private clouds are summarized in dedicated resources which can only be accessed by you and the people you authorize, safely isolating what you have there, such as photos, music, documents and important information, All these resources are provided by you privately.

They are resources to which all the people of the world with an Internet connection could access, the information handled there is of general interest and anyone can download it.

Hybrid Clouds:

With hybrid clouds you will find the combination of the last two, where they have private spaces or resources that only you or the people you authorize can access, and public spaces for anyone to access.

Within each cloud you can make use or deployment of different ways to take advantage of its benefits, but that will be in a next entry…

I hope this information has helped you to understand a little more about Cloud Computing.

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