Cloud Computing Security, the Importance of Staying Safe

Cloud Computing Security, the Importance of Staying Safe

Cloud Computing Security, the Importance of Staying Safe

Cloud computing security security refers to all the policies, controls and technologies used to protect your business data, apps and all the infrastructures associated with cloud computing.

Cloud security provides many of the same functionalities as the traditional IT security by using security tools to protect your critical information from data leakage, data theft or deletion.

A big concern for business is to find the right provider of cloud services that ensure the data is protected.

The provider must ensure that their infrastructure is secure and that their clients’ data and applications are protected.

Also, the business should have a security policy where employees follow procedures to keep the space protected and safe.

Some tips for a security policy could include:

  1. Enable a two-factor authentication, make passwords stronger.
  2. Encrypt your data.
  3. Install an antivirus software.
  4. Train your employees on security awareness.
  5. Implement a Data Backup and Recovery Policy.

Enabling a multi-factor authentication, will assure only qualified employees will have access to the system, reducing access security failures.

Other services you could use to keep your business data safe are:

  • Zero-day threat protection.
  • Cloud DDoS protection service.
  • Cloud WAF service.

There are many benefits of using Cloud computing, as scalability, flexibility, reduce cost of deployment, but using a Cloud security service will give you those benefits plus the assurance that your business data is safe.

To learn more about how to keep your data safe on the cloud, contact us.

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